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The confession of a 39 year old dental phobe.

I should have had braces put on my teeth when I was 14 years old, but due to a debilitating phobia of the dentists I refused to have the treatment. It was the right decision at the time, but one that over the decades I’d come to regret.

My teeth came to cause me nothing but shame, to the point where I’d never really smile at anyone. This of course negatively affected my work, my social life, everything. It was hard to even look in the mirror.
When I reached the age of 38 I’d finally had enough, and the situation became intolerable and I decided to get my teeth fixed properly.

Through my very understanding dentist, an appointment was made to see Phil Naish at the Cathedral Orthodontics in Cardiff. Simply put, this was one of the best decisions I ever forced myself to make.
As soon as I started the process I knew I’d made totally the right decision. I couldn’t have found a more caring or understanding orthodontist, and Phil and his team have worked hard over the last few years to do things on my terms, explaining everything and making allowances for my dental phobia.

Within a few weeks of starting the treatment and having my braces fitted my teeth already looked significantly improved, and even with the braces on I was already far more confident about my teeth than before I had braces. I soon stopped thinking about the braces and found myself smiling a lot more easily. It’s lead to me being a lot more sociable, and meant my professional life has become much easier when I have to meet strangers.

I’ve also seen first-hand that even after my payments for the treatment had finished, Phil and his team kept doing the same diligent and caring job.

Nearly two years on from starting the treatment my braces are about to come off, and reveal healthy, straight teeth for the first time in my life. I can’t wait!

If you have a genuine phobia about dentists, I know you won’t be able to change the situation until you’re finally ready to do it. But when you are, you couldn’t make a better decision than to call Cathedral Orthodontics.